Miracle: An extraordinary and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore attributed to a divine agency.

1.1 A remarkable event or development that brings very welcome consequences.

1.2 An exceptional product or achievement, or an outstanding example of something.
All of these definitions are from the Oxford Living Dictionary. While I agree with them, I think something was left out. A miracle in my humble opinion can also be something as “simple” as a flower blooming or the birth of a child.
Why am I talking about all of this, you may ask? Because, in my own way, I experienced a miracle. I had been praying for one for a few years but, God didn’t answer. At least, not in the way I wanted Him too.
Before any of the religious crew start screaming blasphemy at me, please hold your insults and criticisms until I’ve finished.
A little over two years ago, I started experiencing heavier than usual blood loss during my menstrual cycle. Something you should know about me, I’m the worst when it comes to going to the doctor. I don’t do regular check-ups, and until 2 years ago I hadn’t been to a gynecologist since I was a teenager.
Again, please hold your criticisms until the end.
I had chalked my heavier flow to gaining weight. I had done research and I knew that could be a possibility. But then my cycle started lasting longer than normal. It eventually got to be 2 weeks long when I finally decided to find a doctor and have myself checked.
I know, I know it was very stupid to wait so long.
At the end of May 2015, I was diagnosed with a Uterine Fibroid. For those who don’t know, a Uterine Fibroid is basically a non-cancerous growth that usually feeds off of a large supply of blood and for women the largest area is the uterus. While they aren’t deadly, they can cause a lot of issues.
In my case, I had developed anemia due to the excessive and extended blood loss during my menstrual cycles. Which in turn caused me to become lethargic and to have issues with concentration and to some extent cause issues with depression.
Gasp, a Christian being depressed!?! Yes, a relationship with God doesn’t make us above everyone else. The difference is that we have God to help us with our problems and love us even when we mess up.
But I digress. During that appointment the doctor mentioned that it could be removed surgically but that I might have to lose my uterus. I had never felt so alone in my life as I had in that moment. I was 36 and a single woman who dearly loves children and have been patiently waiting (well most of the time) for my husband to come so we could start a family.
The last thing you want to hear with dreams like that is that you may not be able to have kids before you’ve even had the chance to try! The second option she gave me was to be injected with an expensive drug called Lupron. Basically, works like birth control to stop your cycle but it can give you the physical effects of menopause. Which can shrink the Fibroid but I’d be on it for life in order to keep it small.
Neither option was the most palatable for me. I went home to think about what I should do. During my researching and getting council from trusted friends and family I started my cycle again after having just ended about a week ago (that one had lasted nearly a month!). I had a serious dizzy spell and ended up going to the emergency room. Since it was an extremely hot summer day in Georgia, I just thought I was dehydrated.
Turns out my anemia had gotten so bad, that I had to get a blood transfusion. So on the Saturday before Fathers Day of 2015, I was admitted into the hospital for a very long, sleepless night strapped to a machine receiving blood.
Everything went well and I was released the next afternoon.  I did feel better and went back to my gynecologist where I decided to take the Lupron shot to at least give me some time to finish thinking about what I wanted to do with the rest of my reproductive life.
Not too long after that I lost my health coverage and I couldn’t afford to go back to the doctor. So I did what a lot of people do when faced with this type of situation, I started praying for God to make it disappear. Now admittedly, I should have been talking to Him about this all along but I’m a human being. Sometimes we think we need to do everything on our own and only “bother” God when we think it’s big enough for him to handle. (For the most part I think I’ve learned this lesson.)
So from July of 2015 until April of 2016 I didn’t have a cycle and I was believing for  miraculous disapperance of this growth that had sucked the life from my body. Since I couldn’t afford the doctor I of course couldn’t afford the Lupron shot so my cycle started up again.
At first, everything was ok. I was still a little heavy but it was a normal length (around five days). So I figured maybe God had worked a miracle. Then month by month things started going back to the way it had been before the shot.
In March of this year I was able to get health insurance again and after things slowed down a bit at work a few months later, I called for an appointment with my gynecologist.
My appointment was again towards the end of May where the doctor confirmed that the Fibroid was still there and that it was about the size of a newborn’s head. Basically, I looked like I was about three or four months pregnant. This time when surgery was mentioned, I felt at peace with it. Don’t get me wrong, by this time I’m two years older still single and still want a family but, I just knew that everything was going to be ok. Maybe my faith was a little bit stronger? Or maybe I had finally gotten it into my head that no matter what happened, God was still in control.
So I was signed up to have surgery on June 16th, 2017. My dear sainted mother picked me up at my house drove me to the day surgery for my surgical appointment that was supposed to start at 11am. Due to a couple of surgeries lasting longer than expected I was actually not taken back until around 3pm. That was definitely an interesting experience. I of course had my trusted circle of friends and family praying for me and some of my kids from church were praying as well.
All I remember from that day is that I was out cold before I made it to the operating room and woke up three hours later in recovery. I was admitted into a room where my mom was waiting and we spent the night there.  I tried to tell her to go home but I knew that wasn’t going to happen.
The next day, they unhooked me from some of the equipment and I was allowed to walk around some and try to function as close to normal as possible. Wait, let me back up for a quick second. While in recovery, they fitted me with a self managing pain medication pump. Which I hardly used!!! I’m telling you this detail because I am a total pain wimp! I don’t like feeling any kind of discomfort physically. The reason I barely used the pump was because I didn’t really feel any pain. That alone is a miracle!
The doctor came to see me on that Saturday morning and told me I could be released as soon as I passed gas. Lol… I never in my life knew that flatulence would become the most important thing in my life as it did that day! 😂😂😂 By the way, shout out to my circle of friends in the text group who made my day with the gas jokes and to my brother, who drove in from Atlanta to help make sure I was ok.
Unfortunately, I didn’t pass gas until Sunday morning at 3am. But much rejoicing was made over it!
When I was released, which happened to be Fathers Day of this year, my mom took me to her house to recuperate. I’m telling you my mother is a saint y’all!!! Because I’m not the best patient. I was blessed by several people bringing food, and sending flowers a couple of my students even came with their mom to see me. I felt the love 😍😍
After my first post op appointment about a week after surgery, I was allowed to walk up stairs and a few days later my mom allowed me to go back to my house. I jokingly called her my warden.
So for three more weeks I stayed at home recovering from surgery all the while feeling more energetic and loving life.  I had my second follow-up the week after the Fourth of July. Where the doctor gave me more details about my surgery. I had no idea of what all I had been through on that day. It seems the surgery was only supposed to last an hour. But because of the size and placement of the Fibroid it took three hours. The Fibroid itself actually was almost the size of a volleyball and weighed about two pounds according to her and it was located at the top of my uterus. Not only that but they had to give me another blood transfusion while I was being operated on!  During that appointment I was allowed to take on some of my regular duties and I started back to work the next week.
Now I’m sure many of you are asking what is the point of this long story with all of its side notes and rabbit trails?
Well, congratulations for sticking with me this long and your patience is about to be rewarded.
My point is this, after my surgery, transfusion, and recovery I have energy again, I’m able to concentrate better, and my appearance and mental health has improved. I feel like a totally different woman!!
God answered my prayer. Just not in the way I wanted Him to. I wanted a miraculous disappearance. While I know He is more than capable of making that happen, I got a lot more out of this situation than if it had gone that way. I got peace that went beyond all understanding. I got closer to him in spending time in prayer and really talking and listening to Him. I got to see just how much people really love me. Best of all, I got a new outlook and perspective on my life and my calling. As well as I got to keep my uterus.
In short, I got my miracle plus so much more!!!

Romans 8:28 

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.
I love you dear readers and I pray that you always see the miracles that God is working out in your life everyday, big or small, conventional or extraordinary.
Until next post.


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