So this Stretching thing…

Yesterday, I talked about being ready in and out of season and about being stretched.

Today was a mixed bag of absolute fun and some crazy shaking up of my comfort zone. We went to the Women’s Center, which in actuality is a school for girls who have gotten pregnant while in school. This place gives the girls an opportunity to continue their education and still take care of their babies.

We only had 30 minutes to speak to the girls, due to a mix up in scheduling. Several of us shared with the girls for about 5 minutes about our lives, the choices we made, and how God loves us and He is the only one who can supply the Love that we are searching for. I was one of the speakers, I believe my little 5 minutes went well. At the end Alison led the girls in a salvation prayer and 12 girls gave their lives over to God! Before we got started on the presentation we had given out a few devotionals and some candy to the girls. While we were speaking, I saw a young lady who walked in late. She was standing in the hallway so she wouldn’t disturb the room and I just kept looking at her and believing that she needed a special touch today. When I was packing to come on this trip I went to my stash of books and pulled out a devotional I had never read and thought this would be a great opportunity to read it. I stuck it in my bookbag thinking I was going to read it on the bus. Once I saw the young lady in the hallway I knew the book was meant for her.

After we were done praying with the girls, I went to her and told her that God loves her and He wanted her to have this book. By the way the book is called Made for More. I pray that she allows the book to show her she is made for more than her present situation.

I was also given the opportunity to pray for a young lady who is 8 months pregnant and her yet to be born son.

Once we were done with the girls we were given the opportunity to visit with their children in the preschool next door! That made my day in so many ways. Getting to look over the sleeping babies and pray over them was so much fun. Then we went to the classrooms with the older kids 2-4 year olds. That was a blast! We got to play and talk with them. They seemed fascinated by my Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer. So I let them try it. You would have thought it was the most amazing thing in the world when they kept trying to “attack” me to get some more.😂😂😂

That visit filled my love tank!!!😍😍😍

We then had a picnic lunch at a park near the beach. While there we shared Jesus with a couple of gentlemen who let us share their gazebo. One of whom rededicated his life to God.

After, lunch we went to St. James Infirmary. That was where I was stretched out of my comfort zone. This is a place where basically people go in but don’t come out unless it’s to be taken to their final resting place.

Most of the people there don’t have any relatives so they are placed there because there is no one take care of them. We started in the men’s quarter and went around visiting with them. Reading scripture, singing songs and praying for them. One of them did get a little fresh with me. He wanted me to take him with me to the states I told him I couldn’t and he asked why and I told him that I wasn’t sure that immigration would let him without paperwork and he told me that the real reason was because my husband would beat me and him if I brought him home. I just went with it. I wasn’t going to correct him about me being single at this time.

We left the men’s quarters and travelled down the hill to women’s rooms. The first house we walked into there was a precious little lady in a chair on the porch. She saw our Bibles in our hands an asked if we had an extra she could have. We told her we didn’t but one of our team members offered to read whatever scripture she wanted to here. While she did that I went further into the building. I kept thinking about the woman and her simple request and I couldn’t ignore it. So I cleaned out my Bible of any notes and gave it to her. She looked at me and her eyes were so full of gratitude. She told me to make sure I go to church and sing in the choir as well as to make sure I give my mom and dad a kiss when I get home. I told her that whenever she has someone read the Bible to her she has to make sure she prays for me. She promised that she would. She also said that the next time I come to see her she would sing for me. She’s a woman who has walked with the Lord for a long time and she misses not being able to go to church.

After that, I told her she was my new best friend in Jamaica and that I would praise the Lord for her every time I went to church.

After the Infirmary we went back to the hotel to freshen up for evening service and eat a wonderful dinner of jerk chicken, rice and beans, rolls, and steamed veggies.

Evening went well but started late because of the interesting phenomenon called Jamaica time. You say service starts at 7 and you’ll probably start at 7:30/7:45. We had 3 salvations and a few people come up for healing after a message by one our team members.

Oh…I almost forgot! So during praise and worship, the pastor’s husband comes up to me and sticks a microphone in my hand to help with singing. What is it with people randomly putting microphones in my hand and putting me on the spot!?!😨😱😲

I’m not appreciating this trend Jesus. 😒

Tomorrow we go to the Orphanage!!!! I get to play with babies tomorrow all the way up to age 5! I CAN’T WAIT!!!

Has God been stretching you in anyway. Please comment below and share your experiences.




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