2nd Timothy 4:2

Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season and of season  Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all long-suffering and teaching. 2 Timothy 4:2 NKJV

So the first day of ministering and I had to be ready and I was definitely out of season!

In my post yesterday, I talked about being an altar worker today. I was definitely ready for that. Had a few verses for a variety of situations and I was ready to pray and speak into people’s lives. The part I wasn’t ready for was being asked to give an impromptu testimony!

After we had gone through the service; praise & worship, tithes and offerings, announcements, welcoming visitors, the host pastor stands up and introduces the mission team then she says the words that brings instant dread into my life. They will each come up and give a testimony before our speaker comes forward.

This is the conversation I had in a 2 minute span of time.

Flesh: Is this woman for real?

Spirit: Of course she is. Didn’t you asked to be stretched on this trip?

Flesh: Umm…Yeah but I hate being put on the spot. I never know what to say!!!!

Spirit: That’s why I’m here. Just say what I tell you to say.

Flesh: But I’m going to look like an idiot in front of these strangers. Can’t I just go and do a lesson with the kids and call it a day?

Spirit: And that would be stretching you how? You already do well with kids time to branch out. Just Trust Me.

Flesh: Ok I’ll trust you but if this goes south I’m blaming you.

(That last line is just me being silly. I mean you can never go wrong when you follow God.)

So, with my heart beating a mile a minute I go up the steps to the podium, take the microphone from the host pastor and take a long breath. Then I say exactly what I believe God wants them to know. That He loves them, that they are here for a reason, and that I pray that they leave changed. That took me maybe a whole minute and a half to say I think.

Then, I ran down the stairs and sat down. Well…Maybe I didn’t run down the stairs but I did move rather quickly. 😊

From there our team member gave a great message and I and the rest of the team went up to work the altar. I was honored to speak and pray over some precious young ladies. Then service was over.

Then tonight, there was an evening service where our fearless leader gave a wonderful message and again we all came up to the altar to pray for people. This time a young man came up wanting prayer for guidance. I prayed over him and sent him back to his seat but as soon as I did I was prompted to find him after service. God gave me a Word of knowledge for him and because I wasn’t about to disobey God I had to track him down after service and talk to him. While talking to him a lot of what I was hearing from God confirmed some things that he had been praying about.

This situation was definitely a ready out of season experience for me.

So, my dear friends, when asking God to stretch you, be sure that’s what you really want. Because He just might answer your prayer.

Tomorrow we are going to the Women’s Center, a place for unwed mothers and St. James infirmary. Pray for us all that we will continue to show the love of God these precious ones. Also, pray for me because I’m sharing at the Women’s Center. This in season and out thing is starting to get out of hand!?! 😱😨😉

What have you asked God for that you’re not sure if you’re ready for it or not?




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