Unemployment weeks 5-7

Hello Readers!

So much to convey from the last three weeks!

So I went on a couple of interviews. One was via telephone for a merchandiser position. Another was face to face. but let me back up just a tad bit before I get into those and their results.

In my last post, I told you about my miraculous mailbox that kept producing free books each week.  Well, for weeks five and six , I again received a free book a week.

One was a book from the wonderful Sandra D. Bricker. It was the latest copy of her Contemporary Fairy Tale Rise and Shine. A great read that would be perfect for the summer.  The second book, was one I won in an online contest.

The Wednesday before Mother’s Day, I had a telephone interview with a company hiring for a part-time merchandiser.  The interview went well and I was told I should be getting a second telephone interview from the supervisor in the next couple of days. Unfortunately, I never received that phone call. (C’est la vie.)

The Thursday before Mother’s Day, I and a new friend of mine, went to a local job fair.  That is where I met the contacts for my face to face interview.  I came to the fair armed with resumes, a cute business dress and hopefully a winning smile and attitude.  The fair was small but we hit most of the tables.  We filled out several applications, networked and we both walked away with appointments for interviews at a local company looking for customer service representatives.

The Saturday before Mother’s Day, I became a mother. (No I never was nor have I ever been pregnant.) My church had a Mother/Daughter Brunch on that Saturday.  Since my mother lives in another state and I don’t have any children of my own, I wasn’t planning on going.

However, a few weeks before the event I was asked to participate in the fashion show they were going to do during the brunch.  The coordinator asked me because she wanted to express the importance of the Spiritual Mother/Daughter relationship.

I personally am without a spiritual mother and even though I work with the youth and kids at my church I never really considered myself a spiritual mother.  I mean, am I even old enough to do that? (Don’t answer that question! It was strictly rhetorical.)  I naturally assumed that any of the girls I work with would probably be doing the event with their mothers but I put the question out there anyway.

Majority of the girls were planning on being out-of-town or were already going with their moms but I did have one young lady who volunteered to do the event with me. I was honored that not only did the young lady in question considered me mother material but that her own mother trusted me with one of her precious daughters.

My Daughter and I

My Daughter and I

Mother’s Day Sunday, I went to church, helped out with a bake sale fundraiser to help send some of our youth to camp and then I spent the afternoon with one of my besties after service.  We went out to a fun Mexican restaurant called Poblano’s then we went to see God’s Not Dead.  The movie was great. A tiny bit slow on the setup of the plot but I definitely enjoyed it.

The Monday after Mother’s Day, I had a visit with my dad, one of my aunts, her husband and one of their sons whom I haven’t seen in years.  (My cousin is the one I hadn’t seen in years, just for clarification sake.)

Imagine my surprise when I saw this tall handsome young man come striding through my door. Let’s just say I definitely felt old. The last time I remember seeing him I was still taller than he was!

My long lost cousin.
My long-lost cousin.

Last Wednesday, was my interview with the company who was looking for Customer Service Representatives.  I arrived early and said a little prayer as I walked through the door.  After signing in, I took a typing skills test, took a written test about basic computer knowledge and then sat in the reception room and waited for my first interview.  While waiting, I read some and also talked with some of the other candidates who were waiting to be interviewed.  I enjoyed talking with the others so much I forgot to be nervous about the impending interview.

When my turn came around, I was so relaxed and at ease I just went in and had a lovely conversation with the Human Resources Manager.  She and I hit it off very well.  So well that she asked me to stay for a second interview with one of the supervisors I would potentially be working under.  (Yay!!!)  So, I went back to the reception room and waited for my second round interview.

The supervisor, who interviewed me, was quite a lovely woman as well.  In fact, it was more like a get to know you conversation than a run of the mill interview.  After the interview, I went to the reception area to await their final decision.

After about twenty minutes or so, I was offered a job!!!!!!!!

Yes, Dear Readers, I am no longer considered unemployed!!!!!!!  My first day isn’t until the middle of next month, but I have a job. (I am employable! I was starting to wonder for a minute there.)

Last Friday, I spent the afternoon being a tourist in my little town of Augusta, Georgia.  I was treated to lunch by another one of my besties at a local restaurant called Boll Weevil’s Cafe. They have some of the most amazing food on the planet and their desserts are simply fabulous!

After lunch, we walked along the Riverwalk.  Then enjoyed some culture at the Morris Museum of Art. Later that evening, My church had a marriage conference and I volunteered to work in the HUB, 1st-5th graders,  that night and the next morning. Everything went well.  We played with hula hoops and jump ropes, watched a movie, then went and played in a bouncy house.  Of course, we also had tons of snacks.

Last Saturday, after the morning session of the conference, I went shopping at my favorite Goodwill location to look for some deals.  I found a dress, three pairs of pants, a shirt, and a pair of shorts.  I was going to call it a day when I decided to look at their purses. I looked through several purses looking for stains and seeing how intact they were, when I found a $20 bill in the pocket of one of the purses!  (Glory, Hallelujah!) So, not only did I find some pieces to flesh out my new work wardrobe, but I also found a little money to help pay for them and a new purse.

That’s my God, readers.  He has always been a God of more than enough. During this short time of unemployment, I haven’t had to ask for a loan, miss a rent or car payment, or worry where my next meal was going to come from.  I had my moments of doubt but, in spite of my lack of faith, He proved Himself faithful and will continue to do so.

I’m not out of the woods just yet, dear readers.  While I am now employed, there will still be some testing. I will be making less money an hour than my last job but, I know my God has a plan and a purpose for me and I will try my best to continue down this road one step at a time.




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