Unemployment Weeks Three and Four

Hi Dear Reader!!

Because I didn’t post last week and since the details are starting to get a little fuzzy for me I’ve decided to combine the last two weeks into one post so you can get an idea of what I’ve been up to.

So in week three, not a lot happened. However, I am noticing a trend with my mailbox. On Tuesday of week three, I got a free book in the mail!

It seems I entered a contest a few months ago and thought nothing else about it.  Imagine my surprise when I opened my mail box and found a new book sitting inside!

free book

Later on that day, my water heater decided to leak. (Not a great thing.) However, I caught the leak early enough that I was able to keep it from doing too much damage and called Maintenance person in charge of my apartment complex.

On Wednesday, the maintenance crew showed up and instead of fixing the existing heater they installed a brand new water heater!

On Thursday, I went to a prayer meeting.

Friday,  I met up with my beautiful sister.


We had breakfast  and lunch together. She also gave me a makeover. (Helping me polish my image for interviews and the like.)

MY After Photo

MY After Photo

Saturday, I and my besties decided to go on an adventure and check out a Christian Dance for Singles: Augusta Christian Singles.

We had seen and heard advertisement for the group for a few years now and we had decided that we were finally going to check it out.

To start of with, the four of us were the youngest ones in the room.  I’d say most of the patrons were 50 or older.  There were also quite a few more women than men at this little shindig as well.

I  will say ,that even though the women out numbered the men my friends and I did get our fair share of partners. (Mostly, I think that’s just because we were new and they wanted to make sure we came back.)

For myself, I definitely think I’m going back. For $10 I got a dance lesson, a wonderful devotional given by a local pastor, a tasty dinner, and met some nice people.

Week Four held Resurrection Sunday!

On that Sunday I tried to duplicate my makeover and went off to church.

Allie and I
Allie and I

Now sometime during this lovely week, I opened my mailbox to find yet another free book!  I’m not even sure why I got this one but I’m not going to argue with free books appearing in my mailbox.

Thursday night, I went to see a couple of the youth from my church in a production of the Wiz! The show was a lot of fun and I enjoyed every bit of it.

Friday night, I had bible study with my beautiful Middle/High School girls. I made them dinner which consisted of Veggie lettuce wraps, wild rice, mini egg rolls, and for dessert a German Chocolate Cake.  We finished the book Battlefield of the Mind: For Teens by Joyce Meyers and had a great discussion session.

Saturday, I spent the afternoon prepping for class on Sunday.  I was scheduled to teach the 1st-5th graders during our 11 am service and I wasn’t quite prepared.  Spent a few hours at Starbucks getting that accomplished but I was happy with the results.

So that’s my last two weeks Readers!




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