My last day.


Hi Readers!

So yesterday was my last day at work.

I did my best to walk out the door celebrating and not being in tears.  Ten years is a long time to spend anywhere but for some reason I just wanted to fade away into the background and disappear out of the history books of my former employer.

So I dressed in one of my sassier dresses, put on my “stripper” heels (with back up flats of course just in case we got busy )and went to work. The day was pretty much like any other; customers, questions, stocking merchandise, and dealing with a few attitudes.

My replacement came in for a little more training and then I was whisked off to a surprise farewell party.  Well, it was a surprise but unfortunately it didn’t go as planned.  My manager had arranged earlier in the week to have a “meeting” with me around 3pm. Well it seems that every customer in need of a wedding or shower gift came in at that time and I couldn’t get away from the floor. After about her 3rd or 4th time trying to get me away I figured out something was up.

So after getting my replacement started on helping a couple register for their wedding, I went to my surprise party. By this time it was almost 4 pm.  My party was supposed to be between 3 and 4 so unfortunately most of the guests had to go back to the sales floor.

But some came back through to say goodbye and wish me well. I was even presented with a card and some lovely flowers.  I think the most gratifying thing that happened to me yesterday was how several co-workers told me they would miss me because of my fun positive attitude. That I made work a little more fun and bearable.  That to me was the thing that made my life as a christian worth living. To know that my life did and does impact someone, For that I am truly grateful.

So readers, I’m leaving you with this thought. Does your life reflect what you truly believe? When you leave a place will the people you meet be made better for having known you?  I pray so.  Because I know a lot of the people I met in that store definitely made an impact on me and I hope I did them as well.

God bless and Smooches,



Farewell cake
Farewell cake


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