I’m a Hoarder and I didn’t even know it!

Hello Dear Readers!
Every so often I’ll get into a fit of cleanliness! (I’m not dirty or anything like that but sometimes when life gets busy I might not vacuum every week or laundry and mail gets piled up. Stuff like that.)  So when I can’t stand looking at it I will spend all day cleaning and throwing things away until I have order in my little world again.
The other day I was going through my personal email box and I was horrified!  I had over 2000 emails in my box and the majority hadn’t even been read!  Now I check my email everyday and I’m very good about usually deleting emails as soon as I’ve read them.  So I couldn’t figure out why I had soooooo many emails!?!
On further inspection I realized most of them were emails I said I’d get back to later but never did, newsletters and Blog posts from writers I follow, and assorted nonsense.  I couldn’t, for the life of me understand why I had let my email get this cluttered and I went into a frenzy just deleting everything I couldn’t see myself ever reading again.
Then today, I went to manage my kindle so I could delete some books off my account that I didn’t like and knew I would never read again and too my shock I saw I had over 2500 books either in my cloud or on my devices!  Really that many books and I can guarantee you I haven’t read all of them or even half for that matter!
So I am now resigned to the fact that I, Shineka, am a digital file hoarder.
Can someone tell me of a help group I can join somewhere?
See you another time!

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