A Masterpiece

Hello Dear Readers!

So as you know I serve every other Sunday in one of the kids classrooms in my church.  This Sunday, was one of those Sundays.  Now there was a lot that I could talk about from yesterday but I feel the need to talk about the lesson that was taught.

We talked about being Masterpieces. Being fearfully and wonderfully made. That God made us exactly the way he wanted us to be.  That the things that we see as short comings and failures are the things that God wants to use to reach the world for him. A very good lesson I do believe.

I’ve struggled for a few years with my confidence in my looks (as have many women) but today I met a woman who the world would say is a perfectly beautiful and she was struggling with her self-confidence.

Working in retail I get odd questions and customers from time to time. So when a woman walked up to me and asked if I liked her outfit? How old did she look? Did her lipstick look good on her? I didn’t think a whole lot about it at first.

Then she stuck around and started asking me personal questions like was I married? Did I like being single? Did I have people in my life that I trusted?

I looked in her eyes and just saw hurt and pain echoing back at me.

I’m not much into hugging but my first instinct was to hug this woman and tell her everything would be okay, however because I was at work I didn’t think it would be exactly appropriate.  I can tell that someone hurt her badly in her life and knocked the confidence out of her.  All I can do is pray for her right now but I hope that God gives me an opportunity to really speak into her life and show her that she is a walking, talking Masterpiece of God.

So from one masterpiece to another, have a blessed week!





2 thoughts on “A Masterpiece

  1. Nicole

    Girl!! Keep on letting God use you and show mercy and grace through you. 🙂 That is quite a story. Too many people have such poor self esteem. It stems from not knowing the identity and purpose that they have in the Lord.

  2. Hmm. I thought you hadn’t been posting anything. Now I see I’m not getting notifications. Anyway…better late than never.

    It’s too bad that beauty is judged so harshly by the world. If the outside, which shouldn’t matter as much as it does, isn’t something you’d see in Hollywood, then the normal people wind up feeling ‘less than,’ and it’s a shame.

    I’m glad this woman ran into you….even if it was for no other reason than to have someone praying for her.

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