I’m Too Excited!

Hello Dear Readers!

So for my faithful followers you know that I have a second blog where I review Clean and Christian Romance books and novellas: Cause Everyone Needs Romance.

Well, I’m so proud and honored to tell you all that the blog is picking up some small recognition in the world! In fact, I’ve had a few writers ask to be interviewed as well as a small publishing company ask if I would consider being a reviewer for their new releases!

I know I have quite a way to go to really turn this blog into something big but I’m just excited to be going along this journey.  Also, for my inner nerd and outer bookworm this is just a little piece of heaven! Imagine books, books, and more books to read and discover. New characters just waiting to be met and enjoyed.

I can’t wait to see what else comes from this new little venture.

This Wednesday’s post I will be interviewing one of the authors that contacted me. Her name is Linda Carroll-Bradd. I hope you guys will drop by and meet her and leave a comment to possibly win one of her novella’s!




Dipping In A Toe by Linda Carroll-Bradd


3 thoughts on “I’m Too Excited!

  1. Way to go on the other blog! And LOL about the lottery. I say the same thing. Of course it’s not likely to happen since I don’t buy the tickets. I figure I could light the dollar bills on fire and at least put a little bit of heat in the house. I suppose I could also light the tickets on fire, too. Anyway, let’s just say I probably won’t ever win a lottery. If you do, remember me. 😉

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