Sometimes you have to laugh.

Hello Dear Readers!

Have you ever had a day where it seemed anything that could go wrong will go wrong?

That was yesterday for me. Yep, the Queen of awkward situations had a doozie of a day yesterday.

First off I couldn’t find my wallet yesterday morning as I was getting ready for church. Then when I got to church (without my wallet) I found out I had prepared the wrong lesson for my 3rd-4th grade class. On top of that,  because it was our first Sunday in the new building we hadn’t had a chance to bring over all the supplies we normally have at our disposal. So I didn’t have any games to entertain the kids before class started. After some encouraging words from a new friend I was able to calm down get some inspiration for the lesson.

Just as I’m thinking my day is definitely looking up I walk out to my car after cleaning up my classroom and see that my rear driver side tire is almost flat!

So again, no wallet, no lesson, and a flat tire. I’m telling you guys if I didn’t have a sense of humor that would be enough to make a girl cry.
However, I have a wonderful God who knew our church needed to be by a Tire Kingdom. Not only that but I had put some cash in my ashtray  a while ago for something and it was enough to cover the repair for my tire. Thank you Jesus!

Lastly to end this little saga. When I made it home, I looked around for my wallet again and found it in a purse I haven’t even used yet! (Eyeroll)

Yes, dear readers you just have to laugh.





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