A Masterpiece

Hello Dear Readers!

So as you know I serve every other Sunday in one of the kids classrooms in my church.  This Sunday, was one of those Sundays.  Now there was a lot that I could talk about from yesterday but I feel the need to talk about the lesson that was taught.

We talked about being Masterpieces. Being fearfully and wonderfully made. That God made us exactly the way he wanted us to be.  That the things that we see as short comings and failures are the things that God wants to use to reach the world for him. A very good lesson I do believe.

I’ve struggled for a few years with my confidence in my looks (as have many women) but today I met a woman who the world would say is a perfectly beautiful and she was struggling with her self-confidence.

Working in retail I get odd questions and customers from time to time. So when a woman walked up to me and asked if I liked her outfit? How old did she look? Did her lipstick look good on her? I didn’t think a whole lot about it at first.

Then she stuck around and started asking me personal questions like was I married? Did I like being single? Did I have people in my life that I trusted?

I looked in her eyes and just saw hurt and pain echoing back at me.

I’m not much into hugging but my first instinct was to hug this woman and tell her everything would be okay, however because I was at work I didn’t think it would be exactly appropriate.  I can tell that someone hurt her badly in her life and knocked the confidence out of her.  All I can do is pray for her right now but I hope that God gives me an opportunity to really speak into her life and show her that she is a walking, talking Masterpiece of God.

So from one masterpiece to another, have a blessed week!





I’m Too Excited!

Hello Dear Readers!

So for my faithful followers you know that I have a second blog where I review Clean and Christian Romance books and novellas: Cause Everyone Needs Romance.

Well, I’m so proud and honored to tell you all that the blog is picking up some small recognition in the world! In fact, I’ve had a few writers ask to be interviewed as well as a small publishing company ask if I would consider being a reviewer for their new releases!

I know I have quite a way to go to really turn this blog into something big but I’m just excited to be going along this journey.  Also, for my inner nerd and outer bookworm this is just a little piece of heaven! Imagine books, books, and more books to read and discover. New characters just waiting to be met and enjoyed.

I can’t wait to see what else comes from this new little venture.

This Wednesday’s post I will be interviewing one of the authors that contacted me. Her name is Linda Carroll-Bradd. I hope you guys will drop by and meet her and leave a comment to possibly win one of her novella’s!




Dipping In A Toe by Linda Carroll-Bradd

Sometimes you have to laugh.

Hello Dear Readers!

Have you ever had a day where it seemed anything that could go wrong will go wrong?

That was yesterday for me. Yep, the Queen of awkward situations had a doozie of a day yesterday.

First off I couldn’t find my wallet yesterday morning as I was getting ready for church. Then when I got to church (without my wallet) I found out I had prepared the wrong lesson for my 3rd-4th grade class. On top of that,  because it was our first Sunday in the new building we hadn’t had a chance to bring over all the supplies we normally have at our disposal. So I didn’t have any games to entertain the kids before class started. After some encouraging words from a new friend I was able to calm down get some inspiration for the lesson.

Just as I’m thinking my day is definitely looking up I walk out to my car after cleaning up my classroom and see that my rear driver side tire is almost flat!

So again, no wallet, no lesson, and a flat tire. I’m telling you guys if I didn’t have a sense of humor that would be enough to make a girl cry.
However, I have a wonderful God who knew our church needed to be by a Tire Kingdom. Not only that but I had put some cash in my ashtray  a while ago for something and it was enough to cover the repair for my tire. Thank you Jesus!

Lastly to end this little saga. When I made it home, I looked around for my wallet again and found it in a purse I haven’t even used yet! (Eyeroll)

Yes, dear readers you just have to laugh.




April Fools!

Hello Dear Readers!!

It’s April 1st, known to all practical jokesters as April Fools Day! So being a history nerd I had to look up the holiday to find out where it came from?

To be honest from the little research I’ve done there doesn’t seem to be an exact reason for the day. But, according to the different sources I referenced The holiday actually had a couple of precursors dating back to an Ancient Roman holiday called Hilaria and then in the Medieval times there was a holiday called Feast of Fools.

The date of April 1st however as the all important day of tricking your fellow-man has a couple of different origins. Some believe it came from the Iranians who like to play jokes on the 13th day of the Persian Calendar. Which happens to fall on April 1 or 2nd of our calendar. Other’s take it back to a piece of literature written by Chaucer. You may have heard of it.  It’s a little known work of his called, The Canterbury’s Tale. In the Nun’s Priest’s Tale, Chaucer makes reference to the anniversary of an engagement between King Richard II of England and Anne of Bohemia. However, as most things that happen in History the reference was mistranslated and the date should have been in May instead of April.

Of course, unless you like history some of this is probably very boring to you. So I will skip to some of the interesting traditions I found out about from other countries.

One tradition that seemed a little strange to me is that in places such as France, Italy, and Belgium they like to put paper fish on the backs of unsuspecting people and yell April Fish in their respective languages. Hmm…do you think that is the origins of the kick me signs I used to see on people’s backs in high school?

Well enough of the history lesson. I shall leave you with a video of pranks I found on Youtube.


Happy April Fools!



I have a co-worker who can be very creative sometimes. Lol