I’ve got nothing!

Hello Dear Readers!

Just like the title says, “I have nothing of great importance” to tell you about.

Nothing earth shattering happened over the weekend.  Even though I’m known for awkward situations, nothing like that happened.

Oh no!!! Does that mean I’m becoming normal!?! I can’t be normal! That just isn’t me!

There has got to be something I can tell you all about. Hmm…let’s see…

I worked Saturday until 615pm, I did a Zumba exercise DVD with a friend. On Sunday I taught kids from 830am till 1245pm at church then had lunch with some friends. After lunch I went home and passed out from exhaustion/overeating. I didn’t come to until after 9pm!

OMGoodness! I really didn’t do anything this weekend!!! Oh well. At least I’m still alive to breathe another day.

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Have a great day and I’ll see you later!




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