A Dying Breed?

Hello Dear Readers!

Have you ever felt like you are the last of a dying breed?  Recently, that is something I thought I was experiencing.

What dying breed could that possibly be you may ask?

I was starting to think that I was the last of the True Romantics! You know the kind that thinks spending time talking to a person is more important than trying to get into bed with them.  I mean maybe I’m crazy but, I need to know I can stand spending time with you before I can think about doing anything physically with you.

Maybe it’s just my Christianity showing but, even during my secular days I couldn’t see how trying to get me into bed was going to make me like you any more than if we just talked. Sex only lasts for so long, then where do you go from there? I mean just because I might like a part of your anatomy doesn’t mean I like what it’s attached to. When it’s all said and done, the whole experience is just a colossal waste of both yours and my time. (Oh yeah, I went there.) 😉

Well, wonder of wonders, after starting my book review blog, I met some wonderful authors and bloggers that have shown me I am not the total end of this breed!  In fact, they have started a series of blog hopping tours and I was invited to participate.

So I’d like to invite all of you to click on the link below and check out Candle Light Reads “Home is where the heart is” Blog Hop.

There are many opportunities to win prizes at many of the blogs as well as a grand prize of a $40 gift card to the eBookstore of your choice!

Also please make sure you swing by my review blog Cause Everyone Needs Romance and enter to win a copy of this weeks featured author Kristy K. James’ book:



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Candlelight Reads


10 thoughts on “A Dying Breed?

  1. Nope, you are not alone. We need more people like you who stand up for what they believe in…and who know there’s far more to a relationship than the sex. 🙂

    Thanks so much for the mention, and reminding people about the giveaway. I’d like to sound a little more intelligent here, but I feel like a wilting flower today, and I’m going to have to go have a visit with my pillow. Soon. 🙂

  2. David Robinson

    What’s sex? Is that something i should fast and pray over? What part of a boy’s anatomy are you talking about dear? Hehehe 🙂

      1. While I agree sex is something he definitely doesn’t need to be concerned about, Kristy, please stop encouraging that child! Lol He knew exactly what I was talking about. He’s 14 not 1. Besides he knows he isn’t allowed to even date until after he at least has his Masters Degree and has a good job. Leave those little girls alone and get your education! 😀

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