Hello Dear Readers!

So I’ve been on vacation since Christmas Eve and I’ve been enjoying it so far. The funny thing is that it all seems to have centered around the movie Roots.

On Christmas Eve the BET (Black Entertainment) channel Has been playing the miniseries Roots, Roots the Next Generations, and Queen over the last few days. While there is controversy over whether or not the stories are really Alex Haley’s or not it is fascinating to see the family line of someone from the African-American race all the way to slavery.

On the day after Christmas my mother wanted to go down to Florida to see some old friends and family that she hasn’t seen in a while. So we packed up and hit the road, including all of my siblings.

In a way this trip was a roots journey of my own.  I listened to old stories of relatives that have passed as well as those that are still with us. I visited my grandparents on my mother’s side old home. Just walking through the yard memories of when I was a child started leaping to my mind. Times of when I and my siblings were young and we would come for visits and play with our cousins.

Their house was on red dirt/clay road. It’s now been paved but I have fond memories of walking to the end of the road, the lot of us would have foot races or play tag with the propane tank being our base. 😉

I walked into the house and looked in the rooms and remembered the “formal” living room we as kids were never allowed to go into. the room my brother and I used whenever we visited and the bed room that my grandparents shared and where my grandmother took her last breaths. Although they have both passed on and haven’t occupied the house in years it still felt like any minute I would see one of them come around the corner.

Sometimes it’s good to remember where you came from. It helps to ground you and show you what is possible for you to accomplish for yourself.

Even if you have the most humble of beginnings in your family tree don’t ever be ashamed. It’s because of those family members working so hard that you were able to be where you are now.

So from the rural area of Campbellton and Marianna, Florida I wish you a Happy New Year and many prayers for a prosperous one as well.





One thought on “Roots

  1. What you just wrote about is why I love the Saturday night get-togethers with my mom, aunts and uncles. For one thing, we’re making new memories, but I also get to listen to stories about a time before I was born, stories about them growing up, what my grandparents were like, and the way my hometown used to be.

    I remember some of it. When the fancy subdivision near their house used to just be a field. When the meat market used to be my favorite donut shop, the one my Brownie troop arranged a fundraiser through. The building where the world’s best fish and chips were sold.

    Memories are some of the best things we can have, whether some people think they were humble beginnings or not. What makes them so great is that they ALWAYS involve the people we love. The family and friends who might be gone from our physical world, but still live…and always will…in our hearts.

    I’m glad you got to relive some special memories from the past…and that you’re enjoying a well-deserved vacation. 🙂

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