Merry Christmas to all!

Hello Dear Readers!

So I’ve been absent for a while. I apologize for that. Working in Retail during this time of the year doesn’t leave much extra time for a life. On top of that add a cold at the beginning of the shopping season and my blog fell sadly to the waste side.

Enough of that though.

Today is Christmas Eve. I have been blessed to actually be off today and have spent it baking, cleaning and spending time with some friends and family.  I look over the past year and as with anyone’s life I’ve had some good days, some bad days, and some great days, but I’m grateful that I’ve had them all the same.

I look forward to seeing what is still to come in my life in the future. Maybe a book or two, maybe a real romance of my own, or maybe the chance to bring a little joy into a perfect strangers life. Whatever may lay ahead, I will try to be mindful of the most  important thing in my life. My Savior, King, and Leader Jesus Christ. It is because of him that I am able to keep going on the days that I’m feeling low or run down and it’s because of him that I can celebrate each new day.

He is the best present there is in this world.

So to all of you I want to say. Merry Christmas and I hope you all will have the opportunity to spend time with those you love the most over the next few days.




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