Puma or Sugar Baby?

Hi Dear Readers!

I know its the week of Thanksgiving and I should probably be posting something about what I’m thankful for… but I’m in the mood to be  silly and I thought I’d share some of the crazy thoughts that come into my head.

One of which is whether I’d like to be a Puma or a Sugar Baby?

Some of my friends are probably rolling their eyes right now because I have been bringing up this question with several of them and getting their take on the situation.

So let me explain to you what I’m talking about and you tell me what you think.

A Puma is the same thing as a Cougar. The big difference is that I’m not quite old enough to be a Cougar.  According to a website when I googled how old a woman had to be to be a Cougar the general consensus across the board was that a woman had to be in her 40’s or older. However, a woman in her 30’s that dated a younger man was called a Puma.  So since I’m only 33 I fell into the Puma category.

Of course I’m also young enough that I considered the possibilty of being a  Sugar Baby. A Sugar Baby is a woman who dates an older man. I could see how either could work for me but I haven’t made up my mind yet.

Here is my thought processes on both of these categories.

If I choose Puma:

The guy is younger so he is more apt to want to go and do all kinds of different activities. That works for the times when I want to be adventurous

Hopefully If I catch him at the right age he will just be starting to think about settling down and possibly thinking about marriage.

Once I start to think about retiring he still be young enough and well established in his career to take on any unforseen bills that may accrue in the future

Also when we have kids he will still be active enough to play with them and keep them out my hair every once and a while.

If I choose Sugar Baby:

The man is old enough to be well established in his career and is looking for someone to spoil.

Once he retires he’ll be more willing to go on really great trips and of course I will have to go with him to keep him company.

If I out live him then I of course inherit his estate and I could still be young enough to be a Cougar!


That is just a taste of the weird thoughts that I contemplate from time when I’m bored.

Feel free to weigh in and tell me which one you think I should choose. Which one would you choose and what would be your reason for choosing it?

Happy Thanksgiving!




9 thoughts on “Puma or Sugar Baby?

  1. When I was a teenager, my mom told me to marry a rich old man…one who had one foot on a banana peel and the other in a grave. So there you have a third option, although I think that title would be gold digger, and I just don’t see that fitting you at all. But it IS an option… 😉

    The other two each have perks. Financial security is always a good thing, so the sugar baby thing could work. But…I’m not so sure how it would be in other areas of the marriage.

    Which is why I vote PUMA!!! Best of all worlds right there. 🙂

      1. I wish! There is no such thing as vacation during this time of the year. However because of my position I can’t take any in January. I am taking the week after Christmas off though. Yay vacation time.

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