New Life Christian Center in Augusta, GA

Hello Dear Readers!

So I am again wracking my brain trying to figure out what to write. I was sharing my dilemma with one of my favorite barista (Hi Alix!), and she asked that I write about my church.

So for her I would like to introduce to you my wonderful church.

New Life Christian Center is currently located on Wrightsboro Road just down the from the Augusta Mall.

My Head Pastors are Pastors Bryan and Rhonda Matthews.  They are a wonderful couple who are very down home and love people. I can honestly say that the way they are in church are the way you will find them at home. I know this because I’ve seen them when they are not working in their official capacities and they are the same whether on stage or not. They started the church about 17 years ago as a youth ministry and if I remember correctly the official name of the ministry was originally called J.A.M., Jesus Always Moving, Ministries.

Under them is our Associate Pastors, Pastors Phillip and Amy Maxwell, Pastor Phillip works with the middle school classes and Pastor Amy works with 1st-5th grades.  Of course they perform many other functions in the church but please don’t ask me to name them all. Only because I couldn’t tell you everything they all do.

We have many other pastors that work in our church in other capacities such as the high school ministries and so on. I love them all.

My church is non denominational, multi-racial, and has a contemporary vibe music wise. The day I walked into the building for the first time I felt right at home. We have all kinds of ministries and groups for people to join and feel connected to one another. We offer groups from crafters, to hikers, to bible studies and then some.

I volunteer in a couple of the classrooms. My first love is the Dive Deep room which is 1st-3rd grade. Even though my kids and I have experienced some growing pains in the last few months I wouldn’t leave my babies for the world. Although I have threatened it a few times. They are just so full of energy and joy and I love getting to pretend I’m a big kid all over again.

So that is a little bit about my church I’m sure I didn’t do it justice. So here is the link so you can visit our website and learn about us.

New Life Christian Center




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