Wardrobe Malfunction

Hello Readers!

No, I’m not talking about the famous one of Janet Jackson that inspired the phrase. I’m talking about one of my own.

Yes, dear readers I had a wardrobe malfunction of my own over the weekend.

I was out pretending I was still a teenager with a very dear friend of mine at the Georgia-Carolina Fair last Saturday.  We were walking around checking out which rides we wanted to ride. After we had walked around, we finally decided on our first attraction. It was a pendulum type of ride that also rotated as it swung back and forth.

Now when I got on the ride everything I was wearing was in tact. When I got off the ride however, umm not so much. Of course I didn’t realize at the time, but it seems my pants decided to split from the top of my hind end all the way to mid-thigh almost.

You would think I would notice something like that but I was blissfully unaware that I  was mooning the fair grounds as we move on to the next ride. We walked up to our next thrill and an old song I used to sing in my heathen days was playing by Nelly.

As I was jamming to the song and the lyrics are running through my mind a very kind lady scoots over to me in line and tells me that I need to tie my jacket a little lower around my waist because my pants have split and everyone could see my behind. 

As you can see from my picture I am of African-American descent but I could have turned about three shades of red just then.

Now the funny thing is that I didn’t even feel a breeze until after that kind woman notified me of my predicament! How it happened I still don’t know.

I am just very grateful that someone was kind enough to tell me about my split jeans!

So dear readers on behalf of those people who are walking around unaware of their wardrobe malfunctions big or small please take that wonderful woman’s example and help us out please!






7 thoughts on “Wardrobe Malfunction

  1. Oh no! LOLOLOL! The closest I can come to that is the time the hem of my dress wound up in the waistband of my panty hose. At a party. Fortunately a kind woman, much like the one at your fair, clued me in before I wandered far from the bathroom.

    And I’m with you. If a seam is split, if there’s something on a tooth or a nose…SAY SOMETHING! Better to be embarrassed a little than to be embarrassed a lot! 🙂

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