Mi Familia

Hi Readers!

So I have told you a few family anecdotes and I decided that I would introduce all the players in my immediate family.

So I will start with my dad. Retired SGM Terry Robinson is a very loving husband and father to 4 amazing children. He spent over 20 years serving his country in the Army. He is also an ordained minister and pastored a church while we were in Germany the second time around.  He has been married to my lovely mother for 34 yrs.

My mom, Mary, is a character in her own right. She is a housewife and a mother to 4 amazing children (I know I said it once but we are amazing). My mom is one of those old-fashioned moms. She didn’t believe in babying us when it came to challenging things in life. She was also very well-known around all of our schools. It was nothing to have my mom pop up unannounced to check on us and make sure we were behaving.

Now I am the oldest but since I’m the writer of this blog I will skip over me and move to the next child in line.

My brother, Darrin, 4 years younger than me and dubbed “the golden child” by me and my other siblings. What can I say it seemed he never made any mistakes growing up. Course the funny thing is that even though I was the oldest he had this way of being the leader out of the two of us. He also made the best decision of his life when he married my beautiful sister-in-law, Jocelyn.  Course I have to pray for her often because my brother can be a handful to deal with. 🙂

Next in line is my sister, Selena. She is 8 yrs my junior. When I think of a go getter I think of her.  She is also sarcasm multiplied. Lol. growing up she and I butted heads quite a bit but I wouldn’t trade her in for anyone else. She of course graduated at the top of her class in both high school and college.

Then we come to the baby of my family, David, who is 19 yrs. my junior. Yes, just when my parent thought they were done having kids and had us all poised to get out of the house in came David in all his glory! He is truly an interesting child. He sometimes reminds me of a 30 yr. old trapped inside a 14 yr old’s body. He is truly smart and will probably outshine us all one day.

That is just a small snippet of my family dear readers.

The Robinson Clan is definitely a blessing in my life. Even when we get on each others nerves we are a family that laughs, plays, and especially prays together.

I love you all!




3 thoughts on “Mi Familia

    1. They are pretty good. Don’t want them to get too big a head by being too nice. Lol. As to “the boy”, he is pretty smart and he has three older siblings and two parents who will knock him into place if he should try and step out of line. Ha ha.

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