Cell Phone Blues

Hello Dear Readers!

Its Monday again!  Got to love Mondays!

So I have the cell phone blues right now. My cell phone has decided to not charge all of a sudden and the battery is dead.

Now the thought that I can’t call or text people is sad but let’s be honest, I could use a day or two where no one can get in contact with me. It’s nice to disconnect from the world.  However, the problem lies in the fact that I don’t know any of my contacts phone numbers. My work, personal, and volunteer schedules are all programmed into my phone, and most of my banking transactions I process are connected to apps on my phone!

When did my phone become the keeper of my life?  Smart phones are wonderful tools but man when they go down your life can be turned upside down.  I guess I need to find a way of putting a lot of this on paper but the fact remains that even if I did have a hard copy of all of this information, I’d still be lost without my phone.

That’s a scary thought.


Well what can a girl do?

Do any of you have an ideas for me?





2 thoughts on “Cell Phone Blues

  1. Isn’t all that information stored on a SIM card? Or at least your contacts. No, I am not smarter than you about tech stuff…but my daughter is on her 4th or 5th cell phone in just over 2 years (at least 2 went through the washer, one was crushed when the van wheel rolled over it, one actually died). But every time, the people at tech support asked about the SIM card. 🙂

    Also, what about just replacing the battery? Can you do that? Hers has never lasted long enough to really check that out. 🙂

    1. The sim card really isn’t the problem. It’s the fact that I didn’t gave access to the info while my phone was on the blink. Too much info to keep hard copies of any of it. When did my life become so complicated? Lol. And to think that all of that is on a little phone? Lol!

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