New Life Christian Center in Augusta, GA

Hello Dear Readers!

So I am again wracking my brain trying to figure out what to write. I was sharing my dilemma with one of my favorite barista (Hi Alix!), and she asked that I write about my church.

So for her I would like to introduce to you my wonderful church.

New Life Christian Center is currently located on Wrightsboro Road just down the from the Augusta Mall.

My Head Pastors are Pastors Bryan and Rhonda Matthews.  They are a wonderful couple who are very down home and love people. I can honestly say that the way they are in church are the way you will find them at home. I know this because I’ve seen them when they are not working in their official capacities and they are the same whether on stage or not. They started the church about 17 years ago as a youth ministry and if I remember correctly the official name of the ministry was originally called J.A.M., Jesus Always Moving, Ministries.

Under them is our Associate Pastors, Pastors Phillip and Amy Maxwell, Pastor Phillip works with the middle school classes and Pastor Amy works with 1st-5th grades.  Of course they perform many other functions in the church but please don’t ask me to name them all. Only because I couldn’t tell you everything they all do.

We have many other pastors that work in our church in other capacities such as the high school ministries and so on. I love them all.

My church is non denominational, multi-racial, and has a contemporary vibe music wise. The day I walked into the building for the first time I felt right at home. We have all kinds of ministries and groups for people to join and feel connected to one another. We offer groups from crafters, to hikers, to bible studies and then some.

I volunteer in a couple of the classrooms. My first love is the Dive Deep room which is 1st-3rd grade. Even though my kids and I have experienced some growing pains in the last few months I wouldn’t leave my babies for the world. Although I have threatened it a few times. They are just so full of energy and joy and I love getting to pretend I’m a big kid all over again.

So that is a little bit about my church I’m sure I didn’t do it justice. So here is the link so you can visit our website and learn about us.

New Life Christian Center




Just for a Laugh

Hello Dear Readers!

So today I am lacking in originality so I just want to share one of my favorite Skit Guys videos. It is their rendition of how Adam and Eve met.

Even though I know practically the whole thing by heart I crack up laughing every time.

So enjoy and I hope to have something more thought-provoking for you next week.



Wardrobe Malfunction

Hello Readers!

No, I’m not talking about the famous one of Janet Jackson that inspired the phrase. I’m talking about one of my own.

Yes, dear readers I had a wardrobe malfunction of my own over the weekend.

I was out pretending I was still a teenager with a very dear friend of mine at the Georgia-Carolina Fair last Saturday.  We were walking around checking out which rides we wanted to ride. After we had walked around, we finally decided on our first attraction. It was a pendulum type of ride that also rotated as it swung back and forth.

Now when I got on the ride everything I was wearing was in tact. When I got off the ride however, umm not so much. Of course I didn’t realize at the time, but it seems my pants decided to split from the top of my hind end all the way to mid-thigh almost.

You would think I would notice something like that but I was blissfully unaware that I  was mooning the fair grounds as we move on to the next ride. We walked up to our next thrill and an old song I used to sing in my heathen days was playing by Nelly.

As I was jamming to the song and the lyrics are running through my mind a very kind lady scoots over to me in line and tells me that I need to tie my jacket a little lower around my waist because my pants have split and everyone could see my behind. 

As you can see from my picture I am of African-American descent but I could have turned about three shades of red just then.

Now the funny thing is that I didn’t even feel a breeze until after that kind woman notified me of my predicament! How it happened I still don’t know.

I am just very grateful that someone was kind enough to tell me about my split jeans!

So dear readers on behalf of those people who are walking around unaware of their wardrobe malfunctions big or small please take that wonderful woman’s example and help us out please!





Why Fear?

Hello Readers!

So as you can see from my title I’m going to be talking about (cue scary music) dun, dun, dun!


Now listen, I’m not some fearless will try anything once type a person. I’ve always liked my little box and I like to stay in it.  However, in my walk with God I’ve noticed that in order to grow as a person I can’t stay in my little box and I have to move beyond my comfort level.

(Whiny 2 yr old voice kicking in) But I don’t wanna!!!!

The funny thing is the items I kicked and screamed about were the things that caused some of the most amazing things to happen my life. Case in point. As I’ve told you before I went on my first mission trip last year. Now going out of the country wasn’t a big deal to me because I’m an army brat so travelling wasn’t my issue. My issue was trusting God for the money to go on the trip as well as speaking in front of total strangers.

Now I teach children but that’s different from talking to adults. Kids will love you no matter what as long as you are entertaining. Adults will look at you like why are you here and taking up my time? Totally nerve-wracking right!?!  With much prayer, and lots of encouragement I was able to not only speak but also sing in front of these strangers! The experience was exhilarating.

Even before going on the trip though the process of raising the money was an interesting ride in and of itself. The way I was blessed with the money was by baking. Now I have a few friends who knew I could bake pretty decently but it wasn’t a well-known fact amongst my church or my co-workers. So to have to ask people to order cakes and cookies from me was nerve-wracking! The fact that they ordered from me without having tasted my cooking was awe-inspiring and showed me that if you don’t step out there and try you will never accomplish anything.

So now I come back to the original question. Why Fear? Why keep yourself from becoming everything you could be? Why keep yourself from having a new adventure or learning a new skill.

Yes, fear is real, but 9 times out of 10 they won’t ever come true.

Go out and conquer that fear that has been keeping you back and holding you down.



My Girls!

Hello Dear Readers!

So in the last post I introduced my immediate family. Now I want to introduce my immediate closest friends to you.

I want to start with my friend Tita. She is a total fireball of sarcasm, joy, and wit. She also is one of the most forgiving people I know. She has to be to deal with me sometimes. She is the youngest in her family but I can honestly say that she doesn’t act like a spoiled brat (most of the time anyway).

Next I want to tell you about my lovely friend Nicole H. She is a total brain! This girl has a masters degree in Engineering (I can’t remember which type). She works at the local power plant. She also has one of the sweetest hearts of anyone I know. She is also the only friend I have who is willing to be a little crazy with me and spend all day talking in fake accents as we go through the mall shopping. LOL!

After her is my friend Mashekia. She is the friend that if I needed to know anything about sports I would go to her. Course I would probably never have a question about sports but if I did she would be my go to person. Mashekia also has a very forgiving nature which again comes in very handy being friends with me. (I’m not awful mind you. I just have a bad habit of saying the first thing that comes to mind every once and a while.) She is also one of the cheerleaders in our group.

Then there is my friend Jennifer E. She is my Snarky comment companion. Between the two of us we can give you tons of stupid, lame, or funny pick up lines that we have either heard or read over the years. She is also my brownie supplier. Now I could bake them myself but there is something super naturally good about hers. (maybe by putting them in a post I might score a pan! Hint, Hint) Jennifer has the biggest servants heart as well.

Recently I had the pleasure of adding a few more girls into my circle and I have a feeling they will be in my life for a very long time.

The first one is Meilin. She is a spitfire! She makes me laugh everytime I talk to her. She also is full of wisdom that definitely transcends her age. Meilin is also one of my praise partners. She and I can definitely have a praise and worship party!

Then there is my friend Michelle C. She is Diva personified! That girl doesn’t know how to dress down. She has been a fun addition to my internal group and I can’t wait to learn more about her.

Each of these ladies has added a new dimension into my life and I know that I can trust them to have my back as well as tell me when I have things wrong.

I love you girls and pray God’s best for you today and always!



Mi Familia

Hi Readers!

So I have told you a few family anecdotes and I decided that I would introduce all the players in my immediate family.

So I will start with my dad. Retired SGM Terry Robinson is a very loving husband and father to 4 amazing children. He spent over 20 years serving his country in the Army. He is also an ordained minister and pastored a church while we were in Germany the second time around.  He has been married to my lovely mother for 34 yrs.

My mom, Mary, is a character in her own right. She is a housewife and a mother to 4 amazing children (I know I said it once but we are amazing). My mom is one of those old-fashioned moms. She didn’t believe in babying us when it came to challenging things in life. She was also very well-known around all of our schools. It was nothing to have my mom pop up unannounced to check on us and make sure we were behaving.

Now I am the oldest but since I’m the writer of this blog I will skip over me and move to the next child in line.

My brother, Darrin, 4 years younger than me and dubbed “the golden child” by me and my other siblings. What can I say it seemed he never made any mistakes growing up. Course the funny thing is that even though I was the oldest he had this way of being the leader out of the two of us. He also made the best decision of his life when he married my beautiful sister-in-law, Jocelyn.  Course I have to pray for her often because my brother can be a handful to deal with. 🙂

Next in line is my sister, Selena. She is 8 yrs my junior. When I think of a go getter I think of her.  She is also sarcasm multiplied. Lol. growing up she and I butted heads quite a bit but I wouldn’t trade her in for anyone else. She of course graduated at the top of her class in both high school and college.

Then we come to the baby of my family, David, who is 19 yrs. my junior. Yes, just when my parent thought they were done having kids and had us all poised to get out of the house in came David in all his glory! He is truly an interesting child. He sometimes reminds me of a 30 yr. old trapped inside a 14 yr old’s body. He is truly smart and will probably outshine us all one day.

That is just a small snippet of my family dear readers.

The Robinson Clan is definitely a blessing in my life. Even when we get on each others nerves we are a family that laughs, plays, and especially prays together.

I love you all!



Say What!

Hello Dear Readers!

So one of my favorite activities at church is working with the kids. I volunteer in two different classrooms. One class is called Dive Deep which is 1st-3rd graders and the second class is called 316 which is the middle school class.

For me working in the classes gives me the excuse to be a big kid when it comes to game time and it fulfills the desire to have kids urge that comes on every now and then.

Also it gives me a chance to talk to the kids and get into their minds a little.

Friday night my church had a special prayer/worship service from 7pm-12am. After the service the younger brother of one of my middle school girls came over to where a couple of us adults were standing and started telling us about a peach festival he had went to. He said there were balloons and a bouncy slide.

I said that sounds like fun. I would have gone on the bouncy slide and asked if he would have gone with me.

To which he replied with the most sincere look on his face.

“No you woulda popped it!”

I couldn’t do anything but laugh.

Man kids say some funny stuff.