I’m too young for Senility!

Happy Monday Readers!

So interesting title right? Of course there is a story to go along with it.  Now I usually like to do something inspirational on Mondays to start out the week but this experience just happened to me so I had to tell you all about it.

I have always been bad with names but I’ve always prided myself on at least being able to place a person’s face and where I know them from.

Lately it seems I’m not doing so well with that.

Just today I had an ex-coworker come up to me and start having a conversation with me. I slightly recognized her face but I had no clue of why I knew her. Worse yet she remembered me.

I also have a very expressive face. So you can literally see me thinking who is this person and why do I know her?

Finally she took pity on me and said we used to work together at ….

Talk about wanting to fall through the floor. Once she told me that I finally realized who she was. This was a person I had actually talked to from time to time.

I mean real conversations not just stuff in passing.

Man I might need some vitamins or something.


To all my long-lost friends that I haven’t seen in a while. Please forgive me if I look at you very confused. I promise if you give me a moment, a hint, or both I will eventually remember you.

Just pray for me.




2 thoughts on “I’m too young for Senility!

  1. LOL! It’s not just you, trust me. I hate it when that happens, too. I was in the grocery store one day when my youngest was three or four, and some woman walks up to me and starts chatting like we’re old friends. She’s like, “I read your article in the paper, Kristy, and it was SO good.” (technically it was just an unpaid guest post)

    So my daughter is standing there saying, “Who is that, Mama? Who is that?” And I’m talking to this woman like I actually KNOW who she is…and I don’t. Not a clue! Fortunately my face isn’t as expressive as yours, lol.

    I finally have to clap my hand over my daughter’s mouth, she kept asking…and this woman never gave me so much as the tiniest hint of how I knew her. To this day I have no idea who she was. 🙂

    So don’t feel like the Lone Ranger. I’ve also had people talking to me say, “Your voice sounds familiar, but I can’t place your face.”

    Oh…and I don’t think it’s uncommon to not recognize people out of their environment. I ran into one of my favorite waitresses at the grocery store one day. This is a woman whose area I ALWAYS choose to sit in…but I couldn’t place her for a minute.

    I think people just have weird brains or something. 🙂

    1. Peaches! I know I’m not gonna remember everyone I’ve ever met in my life its just when I know I I’ve actually had real conversations with someone that it scares me that I don’t remember them.

      I think I’m gonna look into some memory games. Maybe I should eat fish. Isn’t there supposed to be some type of fish that boosts brain activity?

      Course I also can’t stand the taste of fish so that might not be the way for me to go either.

      Hmm…decisions, decisions. Keep my memory and eat fish or loose my memory and eat chocolate.

      By the way, what was I writing about again?



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