Drinking after Jesus

Hello Readers!

It’s Thursday again and as what seems to be a trend I’ve started I want to tell you a little story that is both funny but gives a little insight into me and the way my mind works.

I was out with friends last night after bible study and some how we started talking about sharing drinks. To which I mad a face that showed I was definitely not in favor of such a thing.

In fact my whole body just sort of curled up with my facial features. Think Golem from Lord of the Rings and that basically describes the way my body language took shape.

My friends laughed at me and asked me why I would have a problem sharing a drink with someone I knew.

I proceeded to tell them about how when I and two of my other siblings were younger how my mom would buy a happy meal and we had to split it between the three of us.  Now the ages in approximation were me at 10 my brother at 6 and my sister at 2.  With that  in mind you can only guess the backwash that would occur, especially with a two-year old!

From that young age I swore up and down I would never share another drink in my life if I could help it.

In fact, I have been known to go thirsty than share a drink with a very close friend.

I know it doesn’t make sense to too many people but that is just how I feel.

One friend was like but when you meet your husband you are gonna kiss him right? So what’s the difference between kissing him and sharing a drink with him? I told her I had no problem with kissing but the thought of drinking after someone just made me want to gag. (physically and literally)

Then from there we started talking about communion and the other friend stated that the first communion was a cup shared between Jesus and the disciples.  She then proceeds to ask would I share a cup with Jesus?

I looked at her and said, “Only if Jesus let me drink out the cup first.”

What can I say? I was traumatized by that experience as a child!

Course my mom denies to this day that she did that but there is at least one sibling who can corroborate my story and we both know the truth!





3 thoughts on “Drinking after Jesus

  1. I totally side with you on this one, Shineka. I’m not sure why the thought turned me off so much, but I have 3 siblings and we were all born within 38 months of each other…so I imagine there was some drink-sharing going on when we were small. Either way…ewww. You take a drink out of my glass…it is now your glass.

    And now…ROTFLMBO!!!! Only if Jesus let me drink out of the cup first! Too funny! 🙂

      1. LOL…you were right. I don’t know how many sodas I’ve just given to someone who asked for a drink. And I’ve never shared drinks with anyone I kiss, or even my kids.

        Only one time did I ever share liquid with anyone. My dad was a do-it-yourself-er, and he and my mom bought a mostly finished house. But he had to have a well and septic tank put in. He, of course, did it himself…and dug what the inspector called the biggest drain field he’d ever seen. So I spent a weekend helping to fill wheelbarrows with gravel to go in over the pipes. It was miserable, backbreaking work, and Mom would bring jugs with half ice/half water, and we all drank out of the same jug (never understood why she hadn’t brought along a few glasses!). Anyway, it was HARD work, combined with hot summer days, and it was drink that, or keep running into town. I’ve since wondered why we didn’t have a cooler with ice and lots of bottles of liquid, but hindsight…

        Hopefully you’ll continue to like the book. 🙂 I’m going through it again, doing a little editing, and hoping inspiration hits when I get to the final scene. I’ve tentatively set up tour for it in December…IF I can get it finished…and properly edited by the end of October.

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