Where did all the Gentlemen Go?

Hello Readers!

Of course since I’m southern I do believe in a lot of what people now a days would call old fashion courtesies and manners.

Or maybe it’s not even the fact that I’m southern. I think you can exhibit manners no matter what your geographical location.

What happened to men who held the door open for you?

The men who talked and treated women like ladies?

Are they out there anymore?

I mean when did it become ok to address a woman as Shawty and she is supposed to be ok with it because you decided to show her some attention?

When did it become ok to ask a woman if she has a big booty and then because you say no offense she is supposed to be ok with your lack of dignity and respect.

Where are the polite, respectful, honest to goodness gentlemen that used to roam the planet?

If they are still out there could someone please have them teach a few of these other “men” running around some manners?

Have a great Monday readers.




7 thoughts on “Where did all the Gentlemen Go?

  1. I have given some thought to your question…and I suspect it has something to do with ‘the times.’ Depending on which way you travel, there are 3-5 states between where I live, and where you live, so it could be a geographical thing, but here…there are a lot of women who don’t act like ladies anymore.

    There’s also the fact that selfishness seems to abound. If someone wants to do something, they just do it. Add to that too much music, movies/television shows, and video games…all sending out messages that embrace a rude, crude, selfish lifestyle…and there you go.


    There will always be people like you, and like me…and like the gentlemen that I KNOW are still out there somewhere. We just have to figure out a way to show the others that it’s not okay to be a jerk. 🙂

    (yeah…if this didn’t make sense, we’ll blame it on four, or four and a half, hours sleep….)

    1. Lol Kristy. Yes you made sense. I hope you get more than 4hrs sleep tonight. Unless you are writing a truly fascinating book that I absolutely need to proof for you.

      I’ve decided that I’m so glad I work with the middle school group of kids. Maybe I can be used to help bring back some of these values that are so lacking these days.

      1. LOL…yeah right. It was somewhere between four and four and a half though. So I might have gotten a little more. Someday I’ll figure that whole insomnia thing out. 🙂

        Hopefully I’ll have the next book (not in the series) finished by the end of this month. I’m kind of stuck on the ending…not quite sure where it wants to go. I think I’m going to have to spend a couple of days just reading it…and see if the answer is more obvious than it appears at the moment.

        YES, Shineka…please teach the kids in your classes to be ladies and gentlemen. It’s just not cool these days…and it should be! 🙂

  2. Darius

    Well we are out here but their are few. But to be real woman don’t require men to be that way no more cause if the boy strikes out with you he is like ohh well she has standards got to find. One that has none. And men just don’t know who they are any more its an serious identity crisis going on in this world and them men walking around thinking they are men but are little boys in all actualality they think their age makes them a man but really its away of life no man knows how to walk as a king so he would not know how to recognize or treat the Queens of this planet as such but another questions to give to you? Where are the women of standard cause a lot of women say it but you rarely see it!

    1. You know what Darius, you are right. Basically there is a lack of standards missing across the board on both sides of the gender line.

      We all need to assess our behavior and work on improving ourselves. I’m just sad and frustrated with the condition of this world.

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