Be a tourist!

Hello Readers!

This weekend was my weekend off and for the most part I took full advantage of that fact.

As you can tell from the subtitle of my blog I call myself a Southern Belle.  I currently reside in Augusta, GA.

Of course now a days my little city is known for being the Home of the Master’s Golf Tournament but there is so much more to this town of mine that I had forgotten I even knew.

This epiphany came about because the setting of the book I’m writing is Augusta and I come to the scene where my two main characters were about to go on their first date.

Since this is fiction I was wracking my brain trying to figure out a unique first date but I was at a lost as to what to do.  I mean we have lot’s of chain restaurants and some movie theaters but that seemed so typical and mundane. Then I remembered our downtown area and the Augusta Riverwalk. The area is quite pretty but it had been so long since I had been there that I didn’t really remember what was down there.

So Saturday afternoon, I became a tourist in my own town.

It was absolutely a blast. I went to the Augusta History Museum and looked and played with all kinds of exhibits.  I mean where else can you find a full World War I Soldiers uniform and a Teddy Ruxpin on display?

Then I walked along the Riverwalk and enjoyed the Savannah River with all the families walking around and the children on the playground. The day was gorgeous with a clear blue sky and trees full of leaves.  The temperature wasn’t bad either. Not too hot or too cold.

After the Riverwalk I went to a nice little restaurant called Boll Weevil Cafe and Sweetery.

Let me just tell you that Jesus was so there!  Their desserts are all made right there and they were glorious! They had a chocolate cake that was 7 layers but if you ask me it looked like it was about 30 layers! I had their Turtle Cheesecake Crunch which had a layer of fudge in the middle of the cream cheese filling!

(sigh) The deliciousness ended way to quickly!

I took lots of pictures and just soaked in the atmosphere from the area. To think I’ve been living here with all of these things for years and had been missing out on so many fun and unique things.

I plan on never doing that again and I hope you all will take the time to be a tourist in your hometowns and see what is special and unique about your area.




One thought on “Be a tourist!

  1. Sure wish I’d been with you on your Saturday tour! That riverwalk is gorgeous!!! And the dessert menu at Boll Weevels…I nearly drooled reading what they have to offer. Yum!

    I like your attitude about being a tourist in your own town. I’ve always said the same thing about Michigan. Why pay a small fortune to travel to distant places when our own states have super cool places most residents have never been?

    In fact, I’d love to do a tour of Michigan’s cities with famous names (Paris, Arlington, Atlanta, Bangor, Berlin, etc…). There are SO many of them…and I think it would be fun to say, yes, I spent the summer visiting all of these places. It would make me sound like a world traveler, and I’d never have to cross the state line, lol.

    Dorothy was right…there’s no place like home…and we should start appreciating what we have in our own backyards. 🙂

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