Laptop Woes!

Hello Dear Readers!

So as you have seen from some of my posts that I am…hmm…shall we say different.

To illustrate my point let me tell you a story.

About 2 weeks ago I purchased a refurbished laptop during Georgia’s Tax Free Weekend.

Now before you tech heads start fussing at me about buying used when I could have had a new computer, let me explain my reasoning.

I only needed to accomplish 2 things with my laptop.

1) I needed to get on the internet  and

2) I needed a word processing program.

That’s it! All the other stuff like cameras and HDMI’s and other such features would have been lost on me.

(Funny thing is my parents tend to turn to me for the tech gadget needs and explanations. Its like the blind leading the blind most times in my family.)

Anyway getting back to my story.

After only owning it a few days the screen froze up on me and died!

So I’m like ok maybe I’m missing something here?

So I take it back to the store and after about an hour they call me and tell me they are going to just give me another computer.

I pick up the computer and again I have a few days of fun with it and it does the exact same thing!

Now I’m sure that it can’t be me this time so I took it back to the store on this Monday and after a few hours they call me and say they are going to give me another laptop again.

The tech this time did everything he could think of to make sure this one would work properly and assured me that I wouldn’t have anymore problems.

So I, thinking that I’m so smart, take it the nearest Starbucks and for a few hours camp out at their store surfing the internet. I’m determined to make sure this will work before I go back home.

After a few hours of playing around, I’m eventually satisfied that everything is good to go.

I take my laptop to work Tuesday so that I can work on my book during my lunch break and when I go to turn it on the computer doesn’t seem to be booting up (I have no idea if that is the right tech term but it works for me.)

Now I’ve told you about going to the Starbucks near my job and how the Barista’s all pretty much know me by name. Well they also know about the issues I’ve been having with my laptop.

One of them was more upset about the whole thing than I was and it was my money!!!

She was like “You need to in there and set it off! Tell them they need to give you a new Macbook for free.”

Of course I’m upset about my computer, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve never been one to as my grandparents used to say ‘show my behind’ to get my point across.

So I take my laptop into the store during my lunch break and explain what’s going on now. My tech, (I call him my tech because Reggie and I have been through 2 computers now already.)  Asks me a few questions as to what I’ve done with the computer since he last saw it then tries to open the dvd/burner drive.

The drive seemed to be stuck. So after playing around with the drive for a few minutes he finally opens it to reveal a blank cd-rom I had put in there to try and a burn a copy of a video I had made.

Yes Readers!

The reason my computer was taking so long to boot up was because it was trying to read a blank disk before it would finally quit and then move onto the desktop screen.

Now if I had taken my barista’s advice I would have looked like the biggest idiot in the world!

Just goes to show you, being cool, calm, and collected is definitely the way to go in life.


Have a great day readers!



This explains my life perfectly right now!
My co-worker gave me this post card today!

5 thoughts on “Laptop Woes!

  1. David Leon Robinson- lil bro

    Hey i just met u and this is crazy but im ur brother so tell me maybe… That u have a blog! I feel like i dont know u anymore and im sad:( . Apprently u r holding grudges lol jkjk. But u gotta let me about these things seriously. Love u (not really jkjklol) david leon

    1. Little boy what are you doing on here!?!

      Yes, I have a blog and I wasn’t aware I have to tell you everything. Last time I told you something and told you to keep to yourself you felt the need to tell everyone else. Besides I told mom and sent her the link so I was pretty sure you’d find out about it since you are her personal secretary. You behave yourself and enjoy the rest of your summer.

      Love ya,


  2. I think I’m going to like your brother, Shineka. 🙂

    Okay, two things. First…YAY that you have a working laptop!!! Two…you might want to see if there’s a users manual available from the manufacturer. If you’re like me, you’ll let it collect dust until you need it…but sometimes they can come in handy.

    Okay, I guess it was actually three things. Please, please, please go into your dashboard and add something so that everyone can subscribe to your blog. It’s under ‘Appearance’ on the left, which will open a little window. Click on ‘Widgets.’ There is a long list of options in the middle (between the dashboard options and the ‘Sidebar’ on the right. Scroll down to ‘Follow Blog’, hold the mouse button down, and drag it up to one of the boxes under the side bar, and let up on the mouse button. It should open a bigger window where you can click ‘Save’…and there you go. Airheads like me will be notified by email when you have a new post. 🙂

    1. Kristy,

      Please don’t encourage that child! He’s the one who abandoned me during my rock star moment at Disney during the spring.

      I do have a widget for followers on my page its just a little special I think. Last night I looked up my page as if I was an outsider looking in and there is a little button that is floating on the bottom right hand side of the screen that says follow with a plus sign.

      Thanks for all your help because this thing is still totally new to me.


      P.S.- I’m sorry if my brother is stalking your blog now. lol

  3. Oh…it’s THAT brother. The rock-concert-abandoning brother. Sorry, I still think I’m gonna like him. 🙂

    I finally found something, and am now subscribed. Without email reminders, I’m as lost as a guy who won’t pull over somewhere and ask for directions. Glad I can help…I’m enjoying your blog. And I don’t mind stalkers, as long as it’s your little brother. 🙂

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