Happy Monday!

Yes it’s Monday ladies and getlemen, and I have the day off!  For a lot of the working public this phenomenon only occurs if there is holiday that occurs on a Monday.

For me however this happens every fours weeks.  Welcome to the strange world of retail scheduling!

I know many out there dread Mondays and I must say I really don’t know why?

So you have to go to work? Well you could have no job at all.

So your boss is shall we say “interesting” to work for. Huh, you could have to work for the devil himself.

So you don’t have the latest car, outfit, or electronic doo dad (That’s a reference from my mother). You do have a food to eat, a way to get to work, and your body is covered.

I’ve said all that to say.

Be thankful for the things you do have and have accomplished so far. As long as you have breath in your body you can work towards the things you want to improve the little things in your life.

So go out there to conquer the world and as a co-worker of mine used to tell me: “Have a coke, a smile, and a GOOD DAY!”




3 thoughts on “Happy Monday!

  1. Cool video! That big bald guy has a great smile!

    And you are correct, my friend. Monday is a good day…so smile. I won’t have a Coke, but might consider a Vernor’s (ginger ale with a bite), and…I will have a good day, thank you very much. You have a good one, too. 🙂

    1. Vernor’s? I’ve never heard of it. I might need to see about finding a way to try it out. Coke of course is southern with its home being in Atlanta, GA but yo be honest I like Pepsi better. Don’t tell the other southerners though they may send me packing and make me a yankee.(Gasp)

      Love ya,


      1. You might have a hard time finding Vernor’s. When I would visit my dad in Tennessee, the ONLY place I could find it was at Kroger, in two-liter bottles…in the mixed drinks section of the store. No 8-packs, no 12-packs of cans….but that was okay. It was Vernor’s, and before I started limiting sodas, I drank that like my mom drinks coffee…via an I.V. Okay…so I’m exaggerating a little. Btu I was relieved to find it.

        I know what you mean about Coke…that’s what we had in my family when I was growing up. Then I switched to Pepsi…then stopped drinking all colas when I got pregnant (decaf colas are like….nasty, lol). So now I just sometimes drink Vernor’s and Sprite. AND orange soda with vanilla ice cream (a float) once in a while. 🙂

        Heyyyyyyyyyy….being a Yankee isn’t all that bad. We get snow. 😉

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