Make a New Friend Day!

I work in my local mall at a major department store.  For lunch I like to go sit at the Starbucks in the little bar area and just talk to the barista’s or read a book.

Now I’m sure you are reading this so far and wondering what this has to do with the title of my post.

I’m getting there.

Sometimes especially when I’m really trying hard to read a book there always seems to be one person who insists on sitting next to me and just starts randomly talking to me. I don’t know these people from Adam (by the name that’s the name of one of the barista’s at my Starbucks) but they insist on talking to me as if we were long lost friends.

I hate to be rude. So I can’t just ignore them but on the inside I’m thinking I just want to read my book!

Have you ever had moments in your life like that?

Then I started thinking maybe these people are just a little bit lonely and want someone to talk to or maybe they have never met stranger.

Who knows why these random strangers feel the need to talk to me.

I’ve decided to just go with the flow and every time I have a random stranger decide to just talk to me I’m going to chalk it up to “Make a New Friend Day”.

When it’s all said and done even our closest friends were strangers to us at one point in time.

So if you are one of those people who likes to start conversations with random strangers please feel free to leave a comment.

If you are the stranger who just wants to read your book in peace, take a moment to step out of your box and connect with another human being for a few minutes.

Who knows that random conversation could be a divine interruption.





One thought on “Make a New Friend Day!

  1. My daughter has always been a little curious as to why so many people talk to me. I tend to think I’m an introvert, like a lot of quiet time, but put me in the checkout line at most stores, and I can get most anyone to talk. She’s even been awed that I get the cashiers who are rude to everyone to start chatting. Yes, I’m weird. But you’re right.

    Some people just need to talk. Maybe they’re lonely, new in the area…and just need to feel connected to a living, breathing human being for a few minutes. It can be a drag, especially if you’re in the middle of a really good book. But I think we usually get more out of an unexpected chat with a stranger than we would if we’d been left on our own. Besides, we can always finish the book later.

    By the way…if the book is SO good that you really don’t want to be interrupted, try this. While you’re sitting there in Starbucks, have a look at the seat across from you once in a while and speak to someone who isn’t sitting there. Say things like, oh, this was so funny, Mildred! Here, read it for yourself. Then act like you’re showing your book or Kindle to the invisible Mildred. I guarantee you that other customers will leave you alone. 🙂

    Another by the way…you need to add the subscribe to your blog thing. I believe it’s in the widgets part of tool (in your dashboard area). 🙂

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