I’m a blogger!!!

Wow! My first blog post! I literally have no idea of what to put on here.  Let’s see I guess I should start out by introducing myself.  My name is Shineka and I am an aspiring writer.  The reason I’ve started this page is because of a good friend of mine who is also a writer.  Believe it or not she is the reason I’ve even started writing my first book.

So let me give a shout out to my lovely friend and writing mentor Kristy K. James!http://wp.me/1LbTM

I’m a single girl in her early 30’s and I just love to laugh and have fun. Right now my writing is pretty much in the genre of Christian Romance fiction but you never know where God may take me from there. Yes, dear readers you will see me mention God all through my blog posts in the future so If you become offended by his name you might want to choose to follow someone else. 😉

I guess what I want to convey in this blog is that you don’t have to sit on the side lines just because you are single, or don’t have the car you wanted, or the job you thought you should have had or even the education someone else said you should have.

God can use you right where you are and cause great things to happen through you.

Any body who knows me knows that I love to tell stories. whether it’s something that has happened to me or someone else I know. So be prepared to read alot of those as well.

So in a nut shell: This blog is to encourage your hearts, entertain your days, and help me learn how to write better.

God bless you all and I will write you later




One thought on “I’m a blogger!!!

  1. Aww…thank you, Shineka! I really appreciate your kind words…and have to say that meeting you, and getting a new friend, has been one of the nicest things that’s happened to me. As for you writing a book…that was inside you all the time. You just needed was a little nagging to get it started. 😀

    Very, very pretty blog, lady! I am impressed, and look forward to seeing new posts…on a regular basis. No, that wasn’t a hint. It was more nagging. 🙂

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